8 biggest do’s and don’ts of launching an e-commerce business


septembre 3, 2020

Rome was not built in one day. Likewise, setting up an online business takes time and planning. Here are the 8 best do’s and don’ts we believe one should stick to for a successful e-commerce business. You’ve got this!

1. DO pick a long-haul e-commerce software

First things first, build a solid platform before launch. Look beyond basic features and ensure that your e-commerce solution will scale with your growing business when choosing a host. Keep in mind that you won’t save anything by rushing! Don’t cross the bridge when you get to it. Choose your e-commerce software wisely.

2. DON’T forget to keep your site appealing

No one likes visiting a boring and dated site. Do you? Well, from time to time, freshen up your content and tweak the design. By keeping your website fresh, it will encourage customers to come back for more.

3. DO test your product

It is one thing to assume that your product will be a hit, but it is another to make sure it is really great. Before the big launch, conduct surveys or try to sell some samples. Ideally, get your friends and family to try it. By all means, test and refine!

4. DON’T assume people will just find your site

Please, don’t be one of those people who think that they’ll launch their website and make millions overnight. No, people will not land on your website as if by magic. You need to work on your SEO, among other things. You can get in touch with a communication agency for instance to help you out.

5. DO listen to your customers

Do not overlook customers reviews and suggestions. Most of the time, customers point out things you might not have thought about and help you in improving your services. Do evaluate them and react quickly. Besides, listening to your customers will help in building your brand loyalty

6. DON’T try to be everything at once

When launching your online business, stick to what you are good at. If your goal is to curate and sell books and toys for children for example, don’t start writing and crafting your own books and toys. Are you a great merchandiser? That’s it! In the beginning, focus on ironing your biggest strength.

7. DO go mobile

Do we really have to explain why here? One word: it will help you reach wider audiences and increase your sales!

8. DON’T discard little details

Pay painstaking attention to detail. At first, the smallest fluctuations in shipping for instance can seem minor but as your business grows, these little details can cost you a lot and make you lose customers. 

Par Zamalac

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