Sneak Peek in the life of a brand coordinator


novembre 11, 2020

Our brand coordinator, Emilie, shares her experience and expertise of working in an agency. An interesting read for aspiring brand coordinators and prospective clients !

Could you give us a quick overview of your background?

Before securing my first job at Evolution, I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication at Curtin Mauritius. I have always been fascinated by the digital realm and working at Evolution has helped me to build a career in this industry.

What are the most important traits of a brand coordinator?

  • An analytical mind
  • Creativity
  • Flexibility
  • Good communication skills

How do you stay updated with the latest digital trends?

To keep track of how the digital world is evolving, I subscribe to newsletters relating to these topics. In order to keep updated with the various projects we deal with, a group chat was created where my team and I exchange articles, videos, webinars and so on. We also have training sessions during which team members share their knowledge and expertise with one another.

We regularly share our findings on Zamalac ’s Facebook page, namely in the The nerdy break section.

The digital world is fast-paced. Tools and trends change regularly. To provide our customers with the best service possible, it is important to keep updated of everything that is evolving in the digital world; whether it is a new feature, tool or trend.

What are your everyday tasks?

Actually, it’s quite difficult to describe what a regular day looks like. I’ve got several tasks. Some days begin with setting up Google Advertising campaigns while others with newsletters, community management and so on… No two days are alike but I really enjoy what I do. This helps me to improve my knowledge and understanding of marketing.

Can you provide us with any examples of the successful campaigns you’ve led?

During the lockdown period, we conducted multiple digital campaigns for Bank One, one of our high-profile clients. Their primary goal was to communicate about their available services. These posts registered the best engagement :

What is the role of a brand coordinator?

At Evolution, brand coordinators work in collaboration with project managers to find solutions and a creative approach to issues or needs the clients may have. They share their know-how and expertise to better accompany the client. While project managers work to anticipate the client’s needs, the project’s logistics are handled by the brand coordinators.

What is the most common mistake made by your clients? And how can they rectify it?

Setting the wrong KPIs and not understanding what digital marketing and communications is really about.

One has to keep in mind that it takes time to create brand awareness and loyalty. This includes investing into activities that does not necessarily lead to sales, but helps to trigger them.

Do you have a final word or piece of advice for, let’s say, a budding digital expert?

Regardless of your field of activity, knowing your audience is key! No amount of time and work will get you to your goal if you do not have a deep understanding of your audience.

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