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18 years ago, Google launched its advertising platform which allows advertisers to pay for service listings, product offerings and so on. Google Ads, which is a pay-per-click (PPC) platform, is much more than a bunch of results that appear at the top and bottom of a search engine results page. If used properly, Google Ads can perform miracles for a business. For a brand with a large online audience, using Google Ads can greatly benefit your business. 

Boost your brand awareness

Besides increasing traffic and clicks, Google Ads is an effective way to let people know about your brand. A research carried out by Google in collaboration with Ipsos showed that top-of-mind awareness has increased an average of 6.6% through search ads. 

Google Ads ensures faster results than SEO

If you want your brand’s name to gain visibility, you cannot depend only on SEO. Google Ads, if used efficiently, can generate faster positive results for a business. SEO is a long-term process that is equally beneficial and which cannot be overlooked but if you wish for instant visibility, Google Ads will grant your wish. However, remember that your advertisement’s rank among your competitors’ depends on your SEO. So, do not neglect your SEO when using Google Ads.

Choose your audience

Unlike other means of advertising (the radio, newspapers or physical banners) which reaches everyone that sees them whether they are interested or not, Google Ads targets people who have previously shown interest in your product. Through Google Ads, your advertisement will only reach audiences who have searched for products that are similar to yours or who have visited your website in the past.

It is user-friendly

This one speaks for itself. Despite bringing important changes in your brand’s image and visibility, Google Ads is not a complicated platform to use. It provides almost instant data reports and you can go through your insights in a few clicks. The insights are specifically labelled to allow a better comprehension of the different sections for its users.

You have more data to measure your performance

With traditional means of advertising, you cannot measure the response you are receiving from your audience. Google Ads, however, allows you to know exactly how your advertising campaign is performing. For instance, you will know who clicked on your ad, which keyword created more traffic, among others. Also, you will know how long a visitor stayed on your page and even if visitors are returning to your page. 

You can keep an eye on your competitors

One big advantage of using Google Ads is that you can easily know what your competitors are doing to promote their business. You will know what type of ads they are running and you will be able to find new ways to make yourself stand out from your competitors.

Flexible budget

Google Ads is not going empty your bank account. You can choose your budget which starts from $1 (crazy, right?). You can choose what to be done with the budget you have set and you can even change the amount whenever you want. Moreover, Google’s bidding features allows you to be more flexible with your finances. For instance, you will only have to pay for clicks if that’s what you chose as your strategy. The rest, that is, brand awareness and impressions are free of cost. 

Google Ads will bring considerable change to the way your business works because it is the largest search engine in the world. You can be certain that your ad will be seen and that when someone is making a search related to your product. Google Ads is a worthwhile investment for your brand if most of your audience is online. Not to forget the fact that you have better control of your ads. 

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