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The demand for video content is skyrocketing. Statistics from the past year have shown that consumers are being attracted to videos more than ever before. In fact, video marketing is no longer a choice if you are looking forward to boosting your business- it is a fundamental requirement. Video content can be used for various purposes and it can be used in every field. Social media platforms are being widely used by marketers to share videos, thus engaging their audience. Generally speaking, companies are now using video marketing as a powerful tool to increase their online presence and build their brand awareness.

Consumers want more videos

According to HubSpot, 54% of consumers wish to see more content in video format from a brand they like. Also, a study by Forbes shows that on average, 88% of users tend to spend more time on a website that contains videos. With 95% of their online users watching video content during any given month in 2018, Saudi Arabia and Turkey were ranked first in place. Similarly, in the United States, 85% of internet users were observed to consume video content monthly. As a matter of fact, users remember visual information better and videos have been proven to catch the attention of people. Consequently, 85% of businesses now have internal staff and materials to create video content. 

Social platforms are a melting pot for videos

Consumers love seeing videos on social media. As mentioned before, video content is a great way to boost your online presence. According to Wyzowl, 87% of marketing professionals have been using video as a marketing strategy in the first half of 2019. Moreover, 35% of businesses are measuring video performance through intermediate or advanced analytics. “Entertaining” videos have had more success on social media as 73% of consumers across the globe claimed to prefer this type of content. It has also been observed that short and straight-forward videos generate more viewers. In fact, 56% of all videos uploaded in 2017 were 2 minutes long or less. 

Visual content influences consumers

State of Social Video Marketer Trends’ report in 2018 showed that 73% of consumers have claimed to have been influenced by a brand’s social media visibility when making a purchase. This number shows that video marketing is gaining in popularity. Wyzowl says that 83% of consumers prefer informal and entertaining videos. In fact, according to their 2019 report, 75% of consumers have stated that they did not buy a product because the voice-over was not appealing. 

Video catches more attention

According to Forbes, viewers are 95% more likely to recall a call to action after watching a video than if they had read the information. Visual content is more captivating than texts. With the busy lifestyle that is being led by our new generation, they may not have enough time, or patience to read long paragraphs. This is where video marketing comes into action. Moreover, videos are easily consumed and provide viewers with an enjoyable way to understand and remember information. If both video and text are available on a page, 72% of viewers would choose to learn about the advertised product through the video (Wyzowl, 2018). 

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